The Do's and Don(u)'ts of Dog Training

Live Training Event - Saturday, July 31st, 2021 at Waggy World Pavilion - Alpharetta

Join us from 8 til 10 on Saturday, July 31st at Wills Park for an exciting morning of coffee, donuts and great information with our Pet Work Network top trainer, Gus Navarro, owner of K9 Concepts Dog Training.

Dogs of any age can learn new commands, once the myths have been dispelled and expert techniques have been applied. Learn what to do and what NOT to do with your dog to make you and your pup happier! 

Gus will clear up some of the myths behind proper socialization and share some at home techniques to make your dog more attentive and responsive.  Join us to have a happier relationship with your furry best friend!

Coffee, donuts and happy pets...can a morning possibly get any better!?

A custom-fitted collar is included with your registration fee of $100 for the two hour session.   Checkout the video of our last training session "The Real Heel!"

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