A Word Regarding COVID-19 From Furs Responders’ Pet Concierge, Nancy

To All Concerned (so that means ALL y’all)

Like you, we at Furs Responders have COVID-19 concerns. This is how we’re responding:

First, we’re very happy to know, the World Health Organization and CDC agree there’s no present evidence that cats or dogs can be infected, nor can they transmit the virus to humans. That said, we’re thrilled to be open for business for you and your furry family members!

For the safest/healthiest experience for you and your pets, we’re doing the following:

  • All our Wranglers (staff) are using hand sanitizer and complying with frequent hand washing recommendations before and after each visit.
  • We are limiting contact with all surface areas in your home.
  • Any Wrangler feeling ill, will be required to stay home. They are being advised to comply with all social distancing practices both in public and at work.

With most of the nation returning to work and re-establishing travel plans, let us know how we can help. Daily visits, overnight stays, pet taxi and more; just give us a call.

Bottom line? We’re here for you and your pets, regardless of the situation.  Additional helpful links are below. We’re also closely connected with a wide-variety of businesses and services throughout Northern Georgia, so please don’t hesitate to bring ANY matter to us. We’ll help you find the solutions.

Most sincerely,

Nancy Hoehn, CEO & Pet Conceirge

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